March 1, 2017


Liz De Lima is a driven, determined individual. She began her career with aspirations of becoming a Veterinarian. She completed three Bachelor of Science degrees to increase her chances of acceptance. After being placed on the waiting list for a prestigious school, she pursued her interest in science and graduated with a dual Master’s of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Climbing the ladder within the science field was quick, from Scientist to Scientist II to Senior Scientist. Seeking a greater leadership role, she enrolled at Northeastern University to obtain an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship.

She has since launched a startup named Gnatty Nets, and also partnered with a billion dollar organic nutrition and wellness company. For the past two years, Liz has been coaching clients on nutrition, in the field of weight loss, reducing inflammation, and gaining energy to name a few.

She is a daughter, a wife, and a mother of two. She is fluent in Portuguese and English. Liz also plays in a hockey league, a soccer league and golf. People say Liz can do everything. She says “I can’t is not in my vocabulary.”

I’m a Mother

I’m a Wife

I’m a Scientist

I’m a Bad @$$