April 21, 2016

Full Testimonials

Tracy R. (Rhode Island)

Tracy R. (Before)

I’m actually very embarrassed by the first picture and it was very difficult to
post. This was me back in April (39 yrs old). I was uncomfortable in my own skin
discouraged from not being able to workout like I used to from having had
two back surgeries. Dealing with daily severe discomfort throughout my body and
constant numbness. I just was not myself. The second picture is really of ME
taken two weekends ago (January 16th at 40 yrs old). This is how much I have
transformed since starting to use these phenomenal products in August that my
sister-in-law Liz introduced me to and coached me with. This is proof that what
goes into your body most absolutely shows on the outside and I feel amazing! No
more daily severe pain at all and just look at how much my hair has grown! Aside
from how I look, I FEEL amazing! Not only has my weight gone down, but my
cholesterol and blood sugar went down and my blood pressure was at 120/79 at my
last Dr. Apt. Does NOT get much more perfect than that! Awesome things can
happen and I’m SO glad I said YES! Thank you so much Liz for helping me get my
life back!

-With Love, Tracy R.

Cheryl O. (Rhode Island)


In early September 2015, I had been getting really frustrated that my
clothes kept on getting tighter, my weight had significantly increased and I felt like
my husband didn’t notice me anymore…I had been watching my high school
friend Tracy’s Facebook postings, since I know she’s a health fanatic and she’s always
promoting to stay in shape. So, I ended up sending Tracy a private message
around September 7th asking her what she was doing to lose weight & stay
fit. She had filled me in on the program and I was a bit skeptical because
I wasn’t thrilled with the products being offered, as I had already tried several
other programs with similar products, but never lost any weight and got very
discouraged and stopped the programs immediately. Tracy went on to tell me about
her sister-in-law Liz Lima whom is a scientist and she’s also been on the program
with her husband (Tracy’s brother Chris). She went on to tell me that
Liz & Chris have also been on the program for quite sometime and they’ve
both lost much weight & they look fabulous! Tracy then offered to put me in
touch with Liz, so that I could get any questions answered that I was very concerned
with. Liz got in touch with me immediately after Tracy had suggested
that I speak with her about my concerns etc… Liz was very accommodating
and sympathetic to my needs & wants. Well needless to say, I did sleep on it
for almost a week and I ended up placing my first order on September 14th and
received it on September 17th. I opened up the box with anticipation and ended
up feeling a bit overwhelmed… just because there was so many products in the box,
but I didn’t take into consideration that everything wasn’t consumed at the
same time. All week I kept on checking out the products that I had received and told
myself “you really need to set a date to start this journey”. I ended up
starting the program on September 21st. I followed the schedule to a “T” and couldn’t
believe how easy it was and wondered why I stressed myself out for
NOTHING! On September 29th, I had met Liz in person at Tracy’s house to discuss the
my new lifestyle and make sure that I was following the program properly,
come to find out I wasn’t consuming enough, because I didn’t read the serving directions.
It’s not one scoop, IT’S TWO! We all still laugh hysterically about
that, now I have the nickname “ONE SCOOP”. Within a 4 month span, I have lost a total of
45 pounds, gained tons of energy, and I’m taking on things
that I wouldn’t have ever done before. I really disliked clothes shopping, but now I’m
enjoying it. I also didn’t like the fact of joining up at a co-ed gym,
well I DID IT! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of Tracy & Liz,
anytime I have any questions/concerns, I just shoot them both a quick
private message and they get right back to me with nothing but the best advice.
I have not only earned the best support, but I have also earned a great
friendship with both ladies.
– Sincerely, Cheryl O’

Celeste M. (Rhode Island)

Celeste M. (Front)
Celeste M. (Side)

I’ve known Liz since Kindergarten. We’d been friends for a long time but had
lost touch. Luckily, fate brought us back together at a high school reunion. I
saw how fit and confident she was and asked her to tell me her secrets! Thus
began my own journey of healthy transformation under Liz’s guidance with the
nutritional program she herself follows. Within a short time, I’ve discovered my
hidden potential – not only with feeling fit and fabulous but also I’m learning
I have what it takes to create an additional stream of residual income. I’m so
lucky to have Liz as a mentor and as a friend and gym buddy. My life changed
and expanded the moment we reconnected.

Samantha M. (Rhode Island)


I am 27 years old and have always been a small person, so weight wasn’t an issue as much as bloating and constantly feeling “sick”. At a young age, I struggled with a very sensitive stomach causing constant discomfort and depression. This is NOT about weight loss, so please don’t just look at all the awesome before and after pictures of everyone looking great. This is more than just your looks. Liz has inspired me in more ways than just healthy eating and a better lifestyle. She has always taken a special interest in my goals in life, daily routines and those random “hey how are ya’s” because SHE CARES! After about 2 weeks of my new lifestyle, I noticed a quick change in my health and how I felt. Which was most important to me, I FEEL GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING (there are plenty more words, but you get the point) 😉 I don’t even know what I lost for weight or inches or any of that because I never bothered with it. I was more concerned to see how I would feel. My health meant more to me than what looks good on the outside. My insides are jumping for joy now! THANK YOU LIZ, for caring and changing my way of life completely. You are my biggest inspiration, more than you will ever know!

-Lil ‘Sis’

Arthur Y. (Massachusetts)


Liz introduced my wife and I to her nutrition program after she and her husband
had much success with the products. I was hesitant and skeptical to say the
least. I asked Liz tons of questions before trying them for myself. She was
patient with me and took the time to carefully answer my questions, provide
support, and encouragement through my first 30 day cleanse. I enjoyed the first
30 days so much (not to mention I lost about 15lbs) that I signed up for
additional 30 days. All told, I lost 35lbs while using her nutrition program,
but what I valued most is that I gained a friend.

Patricia T. (Massachusetts)

Patricia T.

I had been researching our food supply for years. I have suffered from stomach
troubles and my son has had numerous pneumonias and sinus infections due to his
allergies/asthma.  I knew we were missing essential nutrients in our diet that I
believe were contributing to our problems. Then along comes Liz sharing this
nutrition program. I knew if she was sharing this, it had to be great! Liz is a
scientist and would only be sharing this type of program after doing her own
investigation and trial.  We tried it with much success so  Liz encouraged me to
share it with others. She is a natural leader! Liz is also a wife and mother of
two small children. She actively participates in soccer and ice hockey along
with attaining several college degrees and recently her MBA. She juggles all of
this while travelling with her day job. Liz’s enthusiasm about the products
along with her science background has proved invaluable. She is always there to
help with any questions, day or night. Liz is a great organizer and team player,
helping myself and others to work together for greater success. I am excited to
be working on a team with Liz as our leader.

Patricia M. (Rhode Island)

Patricia M.

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you get to know a woman who cares and
helps you feel better about yourself. Liz De Lima, because of your knowledge of
the right foods to better your eating habits, you have helped me improve my diet
and helped my stomach issues  be in some type of control. Your compassion and
listening skills recommended that I try your nutrition program and I have
enjoyed every product. I have also lost some weight!! WOOHOO!!!

I thank you, Liz, for taking the time to help me get back to my old self.


Patricia M

Rebecca C. (Maryland)

I have struggled with my weight for years and thought I was eating healthy but
still struggled with blood sugar drops and low energy. Liz introduced me to her
nutrition program and I now have consistent energy and not once since I started
this product has my blood sugar dropped. I get home from work now and have the
energy I need to workout.  Best of all I get constant encouragement from someone
who knows what I am I going through because she went through it too. It’s the
perfect one-two punch to get my body and health where it needs to be.

Johanna M. (Pennsylvania)


I can’t speak highly enough of Liz, she is extremely dedicated to the success of
her clients. Liz is very well aware of what it’s like to start from an unhealthy
place, as she has struggled with the very same issues that the rest of us are
struggling with and she has succeeded. As a former fitness competitor, she’s
very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, but she’s also a busy mom who
will be able to help you find that balance in your life. Liz will always go the
extra mile to answer any questions or to give advice, and will take the time to
explain (and re-explain) as necessary. Liz is a bad-a$$ rock star who will push
you to do more than you think you can, yet will always be there for the tough

Tiffany M. (Rhode Island)

I am so thankful for the friendship I have with Liz. We have known each other
for awhile now. She has seen my ups and downs with weight. She has seen me very
tiny but starving and very heavy but sad and miserable. I was skeptical about
trying a different nutrition plan but thought maybe… I am so happy I listened
to Liz and started on this lifestyle change. I gained so much energy and felt so
great. On top of that I lost over 20 pounds. I am now pregnant and I still
maintain a healthy diet and exercise because of the foundation Liz has helped me
lay down. I have only gained 8 pounds so far and have 12 weeks to go. Thank you
for the motivation and inspiration Liz!!!

Connie W. (Texas)

I’m almost four months into this new lifestyle, and I can honestly say I wish I
would have done this a long time ago. And it’s not the pictures of 20 something
year olds with rock hard bodies that motivates me, because, well, I’m 50
something and it’s not realistic to think I am going to look like them. What
motivates me are those people my age, and some maybe a little older, that
constantly say “I can’t”. I can’t go to this event, I can’t go shopping, I
can’t do this or that because my knee hurts, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, etc.
It’s those who constantly complain about how bad they feel while having a plate
full of food enough for 3 people in front of them, and drinking their beverage
full of toxic chemicals. I don’t want to be one of those people. And I do hear
“I’m healthy as a horse and I smoke and make bad food choices and I feel great.”
Are you really healthy as a horse, or do you not know because you never go to
the doctor? I honestly believe people are so used to feeling bad, that they
don’t know what it’s like to feel good, and I was one of those people! I’ve been
on diets before, lost weight, and gained it back. This is not a diet, it’s a
lifestyle. I made the commitment; if it’s something you want to commit to, let
me know. Thank you, Liz, Cheryl and Tracy for showing me the way.