How to describe myself…

So how to describe myself…

I am a scientist by trade. I went to graduate school and Mastered molecular biology and microbiology. Well, that’s what the paper says at least. I have three Bachelors of Science, because I clearly did things backwards. I will probably touch on this story within the blog as well.

I play in a hockey league and soccer league during the week to help keep me sane.

I became a fitness competitor because I hated being fat. I bartended on nights and weekends when I got my first job out of grad school because I hated being poor. I became a real estate agent and did that on the weekends because I wanted to have an empire of real estate rentals, and finally I am currently getting my MBA at night so it will help me launch my first startup.

CORRECTION: updated 4/12/16 I have now graduated with my MBA which is clearly NOT helping me with our first startup.

Some say I’m a little ambitious, others say I’m crazy and some call me Wonder Woman. I like Wonder Womans’s invisible plane and outfit so I’ll go with that.

I am first generation and the only child of Portuguese immigrants. This will explain a lot latter on. I have 2 beautiful children, and of course they’re beautiful because they’re mine. Have you ever heard anyone say that their children weren’t beautiful? And married to a very supportive man who puts up with a lot of nonsense (aka ish).

I have launched a product with 3 other cofounders, which is our first product in our startup.

For the past two years I have been coaching people within nutrition and changing lives.

The point of this blog is for talking about life: nutrition, habits, mindset and business.

I am hoping I can supply some help and information to anyone that wants it or needs it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!




Everything written in these posts will be my opinion and not forced upon you. I write with passion, so my grammar may not be on point at all times (which drives my husband insane). I write these posts to share information with anyone that may want it. I’m looking for those people that raise their hands and say: “Me!! I agree with that, I want to better myself, I’m coming along with you!”

Any health information provided are general in nature and can’t be considered health advice.

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